CT-Measurement and Testing Facilities

IP, EMC pre-checks according to DIN, EN and IEC standards and cable tests

Measurement and testing facilities
Permanent quality improvement and assurance are the pillars of CeoTronics AG’s company philosophy. CeoTronics AG has various test and inspection facilities at its disposal for performing protection class tests, e.g. for dust and water tightness, electromagnetic compatibility testing, and a cable test facility so that communications systems can also be tested in-house according to the security standards of the German Industrial Standard (DIN), the European Standard (EN), and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

CeoTronics tests for you
Our experienced measuring engineers help you with your developments and can implement preliminary tests for necessary IP or EMC certificates. We help you to identify unwanted developments through early determination and detection of housing problems, electronics problems, or durability of cables. Do you develop your own products or manufacture prototypes that do not compete with the CeoTronics product portfolio? Would you like to test your existing products? Then get in touch with us.