Warranty Conditions of CeoTronics AG

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CeoTronics grants a warranty under the following conditions for the period stated in the offer or order confirmation from the date of purchase:
A warranty claim exists only for defects that occur due to material and manufacturing defects, not due to natural wear and tear (stress) and also not for hygienic items, batteries/rechargeable batteries, and consumables as well as defects due to incorrect or improper handling, storage, or transport.

In the event of justified complaints during the warranty period, the relevant parts will be repaired or replaced free of charge, whereby CeoTronics is entitled to also supply successor/replacement products in accordance with technical advancements or the availability of components. Additional claims, in particular claims for damages of any kind, are excluded.
The warranty period is not extended by the warranty service. CeoTronics grants a one-year warranty on the repair service performed, including spare parts, by CeoTronics in accordance with the warranty conditions.
The warranty claim shall expire in the event of improper handling of the product and intervention by people and companies other than CeoTronics. The same applies to damage caused by incorrect connection or use other than that intended or specified.
Transport damage is excluded from the warranty, since a complaint is to be submitted regarding this immediately.
The provisions of the German Product Liability Act and comparable foreign regulations shall remain unaffected to the extent they are unalienable.
We reserve the right to make technical changes that serve technical progress or are necessary due to a lack of availability of components.

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