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Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

Environmental Social Governance (ESG) describes the sustainable management of a company, taking into account its social responsibility. For years, CeoTronics AG has been consistently focusing on sustainable business and living up to its social and societal responsibility.

Always in focus: the environment, ...

In February 2023, CeoTronics became the first German company in its sector to be certified by TÜV Rheinland in accordance with the international ISO 14001 standard for environmental management and sustainability.
The certificate impressively confirms our future-oriented thinking and actions: With qualitatively outstanding, robust and particularly durable products, energetic building refurbishment and consistent savings measures in the consumption of energy and resources, we have always set a strong example for environmental protection.

… people, …

At CeoTronics, our employees come first. With flat hierarchies, respectful interaction and the possibility of a constructive exchange of opinions at all levels, we promote a sense of togetherness that forms the core of our corporate culture.

Modern offices and ergonomic workplaces ensure a positive working atmosphere and preventive occupational health and safety. Through regular training and needs-oriented further education, we give employees the opportunity to develop professionally and personally.

Employer-funded supplementary health insurance, job bike leasing and a corporate benefit programme are among the other advantages of a professional commitment at CeoTronics.

Socially relevant values such as equal treatment, tolerance, recognition and appreciation of our fellow human beings are of great importance to us and are anchored in our Code of Conduct, which is applied in all Group companies. Fair working conditions in line with the observance of human rights are also a matter of course with our international partners and suppliers and within the entire supply chain of our products.

… society …

In addition to numerous social institutions, CeoTronics also supports the voluntary fire brigade of the town of Rödermark and is also committed to municipal economic and location development. Promoting the voluntary and honorary commitment of our employees is an important part of the company DNA. For example, they are given time off for voluntary fire and rescue missions during working hours.

… and compliance.

Compliance with legal regulations - regardless of which laws and rules are involved - is a matter of course for the management and all employees of CeoTronics. We strictly reject business relationships with companies in countries that violate human rights or where inhumane (working) conditions prevail.

We are...

...proud of our customers – especially grateful to those who save lives, protect our democracy, enforce the law and protect our freedom – sometimes even at the risk of their lives.

It is our self-image to make a contribution with our products and services that strengthen internal and external security.

"CEOTRONICS – we are the Guardian Supporters"

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Values compass, export philosophy and customers

The security situation in Europe has come under increasing pressure in recent years, particularly as a result of attempts to shift borders in violation of international law, but also as a result of terrorism. In order to counteract this, there are a wide variety of possibilities, also for companies, which, however, in many areas can only contribute to the desired success through joint implementation. Be it the different types of embargoes against certain countries or persons that must be observed or the regulations at international, European or national level that must be complied with.

CeoTronics AG is even committed to going beyond the legally required provisions to examine each enquiry or each delivery of our products individually and, in case of doubt, to reject them, even if the export control regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany, the EU and the USA would permit deliveries of goods to these countries. CeoTronics thus avoids that the products can be used against human rights, freedom, democracy, rule of law and international law.

A question of honor

All CeoTronics employees are aware of their responsibility to stand up for our democracy, our constitutional state and our freedom as well as for our social market economy - to defend our values against political and religious extremists and imperialists.

Less government, less regulation and less bureaucracy are important in order to bring the positive forces of the social market economy to bear. A prosperous economy creates jobs and secures tax revenues - for more "prosperity for all".


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Code of Conduct

The reputation of CeoTronics AG and its group companies (hereinafter “CeoTronics”) as well as the trust of clients, lenders, employees and the general public depend decisively on the concrete behaviour of every single person who works at CeoTronics (*). Everyone must contribute to CeoTronics living up to the described responsibilities and values, and to ensuring that the positive expectations associated with the CeoTronics brand are met.

This Code of Conduct contains minimum standards which are binding on every CeoTronics employee. It is intended to help manage legal and ethical challenges in day-to-day work, to create a sense of orientation and thus to further strengthen trust in the performance and integrity of CeoTronics.

This Code of Conduct is used in all group companies of CeoTronics AG and applies to all employees of the group, regardless of their employment status.

For detailed information, please refer to the following document: