Information about Trading Data

Total number of shares: 7,980,000 shares
Amount of share capital: EUR 7,980,000.00

Company information

Date of founding: June 1985
Accounting standard: Commercial code
End of the fiscal year: May 31
Management Board:

Thomas H. Günther, Chairman of the Management Board and CEO
Dr.-Ing. Björn Schölling, Chief Technology Officer, CTO

Supervisory Board:

Matthias Löw, Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Günther Thoma, Deputy Chairman
Berthold Hemer, Member

Brief Description of the Company

CeoTronics is a leading systems provider of mobile digital radio networks and end devices for local applications, as well as high-quality communication headsets / intercom systems for connecting to analog and digital radios for professional use. CeoTronics Audio • Video • Data products enable a more effective workflow and flawless communication. They also increase occupational health and safety in difficult ambient and operating conditions.

CeoTronics products and systems stand up to the harshest operating conditions – in airports, fire departments, the police and military, in the nuclear industry, the aerospace industry, and all other industrial sectors.

CeoTronics is listed on the Basic Board of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and has been admitted to Xetra trading again since October 2019.

Rödermark, Germany, 13.12.2022