Radio software settings and fluctuating power supply affect the operation of audio accessories

Changes of the radio software configuration may result in malfunction of the connected audio accessories. Please note: The performance of connected accessories may vary depending on the software version in use and the settings applied.
Caution is required regarding software updates and/or changes to the software settings. Before executing software updates and/or changing the software settings, you have to  ensure the compatibility of the accessories with the new configuration. Performing a test run on a sample unit is recommended.
In addition, certain radios may come with supply voltage fluctuations affecting the accessory interface. This includes deviations from the specifications stated in the technical data sheets. This may also result in malfunction or an impacted performance of the audio accessories.
In order to proactively address these potential problems, CeoTronics has developed software and hardware-based solutions that level out these fluctuations to provide a functioning system.
For further information, please consult the radio manufacturer and speak to your CeoTronics sales representative.