Possible negative effects of subsequent hardware and software changes

Changes to the software of end devices (updates) on which you want to operate CeoTronics products may result in malfunction.

Such devices include, but are not limited to, third-party radios, mobile phones, intercom systems and headsets.

Please note: The proper functioning of CeoTronics products can depend on the software version used and the settings selected in the end devices.

Caution: take care with software updates and/or changes to software settings

If you want to carry out software updates and/or changes to software settings, first check on an end device whether the accessory still operates correctly following these changes.

Additionally, there is the possibility for differing hardware platforms and/or significant component tolerances between different batches of the same model designation. Sometimes even resulting in deviations from technical data sheets.

This can lead to different technical behaviour (e.g. fluctuations in the supply voltage of an accessory interface), which can have a negative effect on the functioning of connected CeoTronics products.

In principle: CeoTronics proactively tries to develop software and hardware-based concepts to solve these problems and implement them in its products.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible for CeoTronics to solve problems that can be traced back to changes in end devices, factory differences in devices themselves, or restrictions due to the use of third-party devices.

One more note: Ensure that you read the information provided by the manufacturers of your end devices and the connected infrastructure. Always notify us of changes to software and hardware as soon as you become aware of them. You are welcome to contact our CeoTronics customer advisers if you have any further questions.