CeoTronics AG increased consolidated revenues by almost 45% to €24.5 million in fiscal year 2019/20. This record revenue exceeded the forecast by € 1.5 million.

Consolidated orders on hand amounted to €22.5 million (May 31, 2020), more than twice the 5-year average. The consolidated net profit for the period improved by 440.9% to € 2,261 thousand compared to the previous year. The consolidated net profit for the period n. St. amounted to T€ 1,635.

We have reached all goals for 2019/20, in some cases even exceeded them. We are focusing firmly on our next targets: Continuing positive business development, strengthening the resilience of CeoTronics, and achieving the ability to pay dividends by generating unappropriated net income that adequately exceeds the existing payout restrictions.

Thomas H. Günther - CEO