Guarantee Conditions of CeoTronics AG

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If an express warranty period for a product is listed in an offer or order confirmation, CeoTronics grants a worldwide warranty for the respective product for the defined period in accordance with these warranty conditions. The warranty does not apply to products for which no warranty period is specified in the offer or order confirmation. The warranty period is calculated from the invoice date.

The guarantee refers to the product being free of defects, including functionality, material or production defects.

Should a defect occur during the guarantee period, CT will, at its own discretion, provide one of the following services within these guarantee conditions:
- free of charge repair of the product or
- free replacement of the product with an equivalent product (successor / replacement product)

The guarantee period is not extended by a guarantee service.

For repair services carried out by CT (including spare parts), CT grants a guarantee of 1 year from the date of the repair service.

In the event of a guarantee claim, please contact the guarantee provider:

CeoTronics AG
Adam-Opel-Straße 6
63322 Rödermark

Guarantee claims are excluded in case of damage to the product caused by:
- Wear and tear (abrasion)
- Use of force (e.g. beatings)
- Improper use or connection with or installation in non-suitable parts (e.g. parts that do not originate from CT or do not comply with the operating instructions)
- Chemical, electrochemical or electrical influences
- Harmful environmental conditions unknown to CT
- Changes made to the product without the consent of CT
- Attempts to repair on your own initiative or by persons and companies other than CT
- Defects caused by improper use (e.g. use of force), incorrect operation and negligent handling
- Non-compliance with the operating and maintenance instructions
- Failure to observe safety instructions
- Transportation
- Storage

Guarantee claims are also excluded in case of damage to:
- Hygienic articles
- Batteries / accumulators
- Consumables

A prerequisite for claiming the guarantee service is that CT is enabled to check the guarantee case (e.g. by sending in the product). Damage to the product in transit must be avoided by using secure packaging. A copy of the invoice must be enclosed with the request for guarantee service so that the CT can check whether the guarantee period has been observed. Without a copy of the invoice, the CT can refuse to provide guarantee service. This manufacturer‘s guarantee does not restrict the statutory rights of the purchaser against CT from the corresponding contract of sale concluded with CT. Any existing warranty rights (in accordance with the current version of CeoTronics‘ General Terms and Conditions of Sale, available at remain unaffected by this guarantee promise. This manufacturer‘s guarantee does not violate the statutory rights of the customer, but rather extends his legal position.

If the product is defective, the customer may in any case contact CT under the existing warranty (in accordance with the current version of CeoTronics‘ General Terms and Conditions of Sale, available at, irrespective of whether a warranty case exists or the warranty is invoked. Further claims, in particular for damages of any kind, are excluded. Statutory mandatory liability remains unaffected by these guarantee conditions.

These Guarantee Conditions are governed by the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) will not be applied.

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