Connection to USB-C: CT-MultiCom connects easily to modern devices

Thanks to its new design, our high-quality CT-MultiCom handheld microphone can be connected directly to modern radios, intercom systems or mobile phones with a USB-C interface. Thanks to its insensitivity to environmental influences (IP65, IP67), digital end devices can now be reliably controlled while being safely stowed away in your pocket.

CT-MultiPTT 3C, 1C & CT-DECT Case: Connection to digital sources

Our central operating and control units CT-MultiPTT 3C and 1C as well as our mobile base station CT-DECT Case can now be connected to both analog and digital sources (radios, tactical hubs, cell phones, intercoms). Sophisticated CeoTronics signal processing and the continuous evolution of CT-ComLink® technology enable this flexibility, which is unique in the competitive environment.

CT-DECT Multi: Bluetooth® connection to third-party headsets

The new generation of the CT-DECT Multi can be connected to Bluetooth®-enabled headsets and their helmet adapters from a wide range of manufacturers. Any existing PPE approval for these headsets is preserved with the Bluetooth® connection. The portable full-duplex communication system therefore offers maximum flexibility and user-friendliness.

Fully automatic final inspection: products from the CT-ComLink® family

The customised end-of-line test system increases the degree of automation, enables scalability and ensures consistently high product quality. In addition, customised software can be installed during the testing process. As a result, the mobile facility offers reliability and ensures that product quality remains consistently high even with increasing order volumes.


New Supervisory Structure

After 37 years, co-founder Hans-Dieter Günther resigns as a member of the Supervisory Board and is appointed Honorary Chairman of the Supervisory Board. Mr Günther Thoma, a former member of the Executive Board, was newly elected to the Supervisory Board.

CT-DECT Multi: SingleCom/GroupCom function

A call established via Bluetooth® to the mobile phone can be made individually or shared with the entire group of the DECT communication circle.

The new CT-DECT Case

The improved CT-DECT Case M7 enables full-duplex short-range communication for up to 12 participants. Even safer and more comfortable thanks to different software profiles, an impact- and scratch-resistant display, two Varta high-performance batteries and two CT-ComLink® interfaces for connecting a headset and for connections to InterCom systems or radios.

30 years of CeoTronics S.L. in Spain

The subsidiary CeoTronics S.L., founded in 1992, celebrated its 30th anniversary and, under the leadership of J. Roberto Gil González and Thomas H. Günther, has managed to establish itself as one of the best-known and most renowned companies in the market of "communication under difficult environmental conditions" in Spain.

New functions for CT-MultiPTT´s

Hardware that stays the same - software that grows with it! Via a software update, the new functions MonoMix configuration, adaptive microphone control, acoustic shock protection and a Bluetooth, full-duplex or semi-duplex mode are available to the user.

CT-WirelessPTT for PoC/PTToIP

The small and robust CT-WirelessPTT MIL wireless send button takes over the push-to-talk function of the PoC/PTToIP apps. This means that your smartphone can remain safely and securely in your pocket.

Expansion of the Executive Board

With effect from 01 June 2022, long-time employee Dr.-Ing. Björn Schölling will be appointed to the Board of Management. As CTO, he will lead CeoTronics AG together with the Chairman of the Board and CEO Thomas H. Günther and will be responsible for the areas of research and development, operations and quality management.

Energy-efficient new building: completed and occupied

Built in a resource-saving and energy-efficient way, the building complex offers additional capacity for offices, a spacious seminar or break room with an integrated canteen kitchen as well as material storage space. The solar system on the roof of the building covers almost all of the building's own energy consumption.

CT-DECT Multi wins DECT Award

At the openD Launch Conference, the CT-DECT Multi received the DECT Award Innovation and emerged as the winner from strong competition.

CT-Vibration Headset

The CT-Vibration Headset transmits speech via the bone conduction method directly to the auditory organs via the cranial bones. A CT-HR PTT with reduced key noise as well as the silent CT-Wireless PTT MIL button are used as system extensions.

The new Development of the CT-DECT Multi

Mobile. Digital. Includes display. A mobile full-duplex communications system for local applications. This product was designed for use across target groups by using the latest technology.

CT-MultiPTT 1C

The CT-MultiPTT 1C is a multifunctional and very robust PTT button, which in addition to the big PTT, also has two additional buttons. These can also be equipped with different functions. The button is also equipped with Bluetooth functionality.

Three Radio Circuits: CT-MultiPTT 3C

The CT-MultiPTT 3C is a central operation and control unit that we developed to simultaneously coordinate three independent communication circuits. Full duplex, simultaneous "radio traffic” is possible on all channels. Connection via Bluetooth® is alternatively possible.

CT-ComLink®: The new technology

CT-ComLink® allows all users maximum flexibility when selecting headsets and radios that will remain viable in the future as well. The combination of an extremely robust plug connection with break-away function (emergency unlock function) and the CT-ComLink® Technology allows connected headsets or radios to be detected and the optimal audio configuration to be set for perfect voice transmission.

CT-NoiseProtection Helmet / Generation 3

The third generation of the noise protection helmet receives detailed improvements. Interior with optimized size features high-quality spacer fabric to ensure a better fit and a pleasant climate in the head area. An ASR system (ambient sound reception) has also been integrated, which allows users to hear ambient or warning noises flawlessly.

CT-NoiseProtection Hood: Hearing and eye protection, including communication

Many of the details in the third generation of the CT noise / eye protection hood have been enhanced. The helmet interior hood consists of soft spacer fabric, which offers excellent wearing comfort and is also washable and self-extinguishing. The helmet shell has been equipped with a light holder, which makes it possible to easily attach a special light.

Individual “RemoteUnit” for “Schleswig-Holstein”

The CT-MultiCom communication unit was specially upgraded and customized for the police in Schleswig-Holstein. In addition to a new housing, the multifunctional hand-held microphone received an additional button to regulate the volume of the radio. The Click-Fast system was also integrated so it can be easily attached to the uniform.

CT-DigiCom Pro

CeoTronics launches the first In-Ear-Receiver with ambient sound reception.

CT-BluetoothAdapter 3.0

The CT-BluetoothAdapter 3.0 is the ideal supplement for using professional headsets on cell phones. The revised version offers a new pairing process, which makes it easier to pair cell phones and no longer requires a PIN input.

Major order: Hesse police choose CeoTronics

The innovative CeoTronics products developed and produced in house stand out from the crowd once again thanks to their high standard of technology. Products such as the CT-HR PTT impressed Hesse police officers with respect to all performance requirements.

No Chance for Environmental influences: CT-MultiCom67

The “RemoteUnit” is more than just a hand-held microphone and, in addition to the high protection class IP67, offers all kinds of functional features, not just for professional fire department use.

CT-FlexCom: Includes ATEX certificate

The communication system with gooseneck microphone, which is independent of the helmet type, is approved for professional use in explosion-protected areas.

Hear and speak with your ears: CT-ClipCom EarMike

The in-the-ear communication system CT-ClipCom EarMike (binaural) is duplex-capable and offers many advantages when used with the CT-DECT Multi or the CT-MultiCom65/CT-MultiCom67.

CT-Modular „Serie 4“ and „Serie 8“

With the product series CT-Modular “series 4” and “series 8,” CeoTronics offers standardized configuration flexibility for various application areas.

CT-Neckband Headset 331 meets TR Directive

The continuous development of the CT-Neckband Headset 331 sets new standards. For the first time, a headset has been combined with the TR directive from 2011 for a modular system – riot police helmet, headset system, and respirator. The low flammability and the safety against injury from impacts as well as the high level of wearing comfort of the CT-Neckband Headset 331 are a quantum leap for the occupational health and safety of police forces.

CT-DECT GateCom 3W

CeoTronics expands its product portfolio for airlines/airports and ground-handling companies with the CT-DECT GateCom 3W Communication System. “3W” allows users to communicate across three channels for the first time: Ambient sound reception (CT-ASR), radio communication via CT-DECT, and with tablet PCs or cell phones via Bluetooth. CT-ClipCom or CT-HD are offered as headsets.

CT-DECT Plus: with "Hand-Over-Function"

CT-DECT Plus: The world’s most advanced DECT communication system is undergoing development. The “Hand-Over-Function” (or roaming) allows people to move freely within a previously unattainable communication radius.

Two Communication Circuits: the new CT-MultiPTTs

The new multifunctional PTTs (IP667/67) for applications in which two radio circuits must be present simultaneously, i.e.: CT-MultiPTT 2C or CT-MultiPTT BT. Depending on the version, either two radio circuits or one radio circuit plus Bluetooth® are available for mobile communications.

CT-FlexCom: EN443 certified

CT-FlexCom (IP66/IP67) is the first headset system for fire departments that has been certified according to EN443 and is flame resistant. Thanks to the sophisticated mechanical clamping device, which is also EN443 certified, it can be mounted to the helmet without any additional tools.

CT-HR PTT: Flame resistant and “Waterproof”

The robust CT-HR PTT (IP66 / 67) is developed and certified based on EN443. In other words, the PTT button is flame resistant and “waterproof.”

CT-EarGuard: The mobile Sound Insulation Measurement System

CT-EarGuard is the mobile Sound Insulation Measurement System for the quality assurance of individual ear pieces. The protective effect of a Receiver-/ Talk System can be checked in no time.

CT-DECT Systems for the Navy

CT-DECT Full-Duplex-Communications systems from CeoTronics are also on board with the navy on the high seas: The CT-Noise / Eye Protection Hood helps flight deck officers and the crew to communicate.


CeoTronics develops a full-duplex communications system for the German Armed Forces explosive ordnance clearance services.

Market launch of CT-MultiCom

The multifunctional hand-held microphone with a number of connection options for CT receiver / talk systems is primarily popular among the task forces of the fire department and police.

Upgraded: CT-ClipCom Digital

The upgrade of the CT-ClipCom Digital is ready for delivery. The “SD” version has optimized cable routing to the ear as well as a waterproof PTT button.


Bluetooth® has been established as another standard of transmission. Using the CT-BluetoothAdapter, it is now possible to operate professional CT-12-PIN receiver / talk systems with cell phones.

The latest Generation of the CT-DECT System

The latest generation of the CT-DECT system gets new software. Thanks to double authentication and 64-bit encryption with each recalculation during each system start, it is even more tap-proof.

The World’s first CT-DECT Headset in ATEX Standard

The CT-DECT headset in ATEX standard is still the world’s first headset with integrated, digital duplex radio for potentially explosive areas.

The first in-the-ear Headset with digital Voice Signal Processing

The “CT-ClipCom Digital” is launched on the market and is the first choice among authorities and organizations with security tasks. In addition to a digital voice signal processing, it is equipped with CT-Bluetooth technology, a CT-RadioPTT, and DSP technology.

Sound of Silence: CT-DECT JetCom System

The CT-DECT JetCom system for handling military jets on the ground, including a noise protection helmet, is developed, and 6,000 are delivered to the German Armed Forces.

Integration of digital interference suppression

The software and hardware for integrating digital interference suppression is developed. From now on, the following functions can be integrated into CeoTronics communication systems for connection to radios and CT-DECT systems if necessary: CT-DNR (digital noise reduction), CT-ASE (acoustic shock elimination), and CT-ASR (ambient sound reception).

Lightweight: CT-Neckband Headset

CeoTronics presents one of the world’s lightest and most comfortable neckband headsets, the CT-Neckband Headset, for which an international design patent has been filed.

Robust: CT-CombiCom Headset

The government security and law enforcement forces as well as the industrial sector discover the robust CT-CombiCom headset and put their trust in this product “Made in Germany.”

Design patent for a Headset

The multifunctional headset “CT-CombiCom” is registered for an international design patent.

The first digital Radio System: CT-DECT

The “CT-DECT” CT digital radio system is successfully introduced internationally and has been continuously developed since then.

Radio in a Headset

The first radio integrated in a headset is developed and has been very successfully marketed ever since.

CT-ContactCom is patented

The original “CT-ContactCom” skullcap microphone is patented and has been a best-seller to this day.

Communication for rocket center

The Ariane Rocket Center in Kourou, French Guiana, is equipped with ATEX communication systems.

Patented Contact Microphone

The first contact microphone is also registered for a patent. It picks up structure-bone sound, e.g. at the top of the skull, and converts it into speech.

Voice-Controlled Transmission of Audio Signals via Radio

CeoTronics applies for the first patent for a “device for voice-controlled transmission of audio signals via radio.”