Professional Headsets & Systems

Fire Department / Rescue Service

Used by fire departments, in disaster control, and by rescue services

A secure line of communication with a high transmission quality is crucial in firefighting and disaster control operations. When it comes to fighting fires and rescuing people, misunderstandings and time-consuming inquiries due to difficulty understanding can even have fatal consequences. These personnel must therefore be able to rely on their equipment 100%.

Fire departments and rescue services count on the communication expertise of CeoTronics. We also offer the largest selection of different high-quality products in explosion-protected ATEX designs as well as with IP certification based on EN443.


Communication solutions at airports and for aircraft manufacturers

More than 250 airlines, airports, ground handling service companies, and aircraft manufacturers rely on CeoTronics products. As the market leader in high-quality ground-to-cockpit communication, CeoTronics offers perfect system solutions for use in all areas where the secure transmission of every single word is crucial.

The broad range of products includes systems for ramp handling, pushback, de-icing, cockpit communication, and aircraft maintenance. CeoTronics also offers a wide range of communication systems for airport fire departments and security forces.


Communication systems for industrial applications

CeoTronics systems stand for enhanced occupational safety and greater productivity through better communication. They can be used in a wide range of applications, meeting the individual needs of a variety of industrial sectors, such as mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, food and paper production, and the aerospace industry.

Almost all major European electricity producers, oil rigs, and refineries rely on CeoTronics products. In addition, radio communication systems from CeoTronics are used in the leisure industry, in companies in the service and transport industry, and in railway track construction.


Increase in internal security thanks to better communication

CeoTronics’ cooperation with government security and law enforcement agencies has been very discreet for decades. The robust communication systems for the wide range of uses required by police are of course developed together with the users and, among other aspects, meet all required standards, such as the protection classes IP65 / IP66 / IP67. Since 1999, CeoTronics has produced and sold around 200,000 systems for connecting to digital radios.

Whether for concealed use, when functionality in the tightest of spaces is needed, or when wearing communication under helmets and masks, CeoTronics communication systems are always the first choice.


Strengthening external security through better communication

The development of communication systems for military application requires a high degree of experience and technical knowledge of possible application scenarios. Due to increasing foreign deployments, the special requirements of users also change, and not just with regard to climatic environmental conditions. CeoTronics has more than 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing complex communication systems, which meet the required protection tests, such as MIL STD 810G, 461F, and IP65 / IP66 / IP67.

CeoTronics is a “registered NATO supplier” and is recognized as an official supplier for NATO.