A strong team for the future

Thomas H. Günther


“A strong team for the future”

Mr. Thomas H. Günther has been managing CeoTronics AG as sole director since June 1, 2018 and deals with interdisciplinary topics and tasks by working closely with the five department heads / authorized representatives. 

The second level of management is characterized by experience, expertise, and the will to successfully continue to develop the CeoTronics companies in the interest of the group.

Thomas H. Günther has been a member of the Executive Board since 2000 (CMO at the time) and in 2003 was appointed CEO and chairman of the board of directors / spokesperson.

Dipl.-Ing. (TH)
Andreas Hitzel

Head of Sales / Authorized representative

„Customers first!“

“With a total of 26 employees in internal and external sales, we serve the German market as well as our international customers at the highest level – and above all personally. We always focus on the customer’s application scenario and the advantage they gain from using our solutions.”

Björn Schölling
Head of Research and Development / Authorized representative

“We develop personal protective equipment.”

“We develop communication systems for the most adverse ambient and application conditions in a team of 22 employees with various specialisms. Our goal is to create a perfect symbiosis of extremely resilient hardware and intelligent software that offers our users more safety, greater productivity, and operational efficiency when they are exposed to noise, in danger, or when wearing personal protective equipment.”

Dipl.-Betriebswirt (FH)
Rolf Dieter Gläsel

Head of Operations / Authorized representative

“Procurement and production are fundamental components of our company.”

“The approach we take in our actions and work is always based on efficiency, lean production processes, cost transparency, and above all quality and sustainability.

You certainly can’t go wrong with the motto “The profit lies in the purchase.” However, we do not consider short-term success based on profit optimization through cost savings as the main objective in our actions across the entire production process. Instead, we want to make a longstanding contribution as part of a team and in close cooperation with our partners and suppliers to the long-term optimization of costs and thus to optimizing the results of the company.”

Stefan Felke
Department head QM / QA and QMB / Authorized representative

“We view quality as a team effort.”

“At CeoTronics, every employee contributes to the high level of quality that our customers rightly expect from us. Our aim is to be the very best when it comes to quality. That is why we were one of the first companies to be certified according to the new ISO 9001:2015 standard in January 2016.”