Corporate News from 15.04.2019

CeoTronics wins Hessian police tender worth approximately €580 thousand//Order backlog rises to approx. € 22. 7 million

CeoTronics AG was awarded a contract for the production and sale of Security Conference - the order to support the Hessian Special Forces with the newly developed multifunctional radio control buttons „CT-MultiPTT 3C"; as well as various headsets with CT-ComLink® technology.

This order is expected to be completed in the summer of 2019.

The current order backlog amounts to approx. € 22. 7 million (+257% compared to the previous year).

The „CT-MultiPTT 3C"; enables the simultaneous connection and the simultaneous Operation of up to three media (radio sets, intercoms or SmartDevices) as well as the Connection of a headset. The idea first introduced in 2010 to a smaller circle of customers The CT-ComLink® technology offers the customer a high degree of flexibility and future security. In the selection and use of different radios and headsets.
The „CT-MultiPTT 3C"; integrates the CT-Bluetooth technology in order to also be able to operate wirelessly. to adapt to the media.

„We are pleased that, among other things, with the new product development „CT-MultiPTT 3C", we are able to offer the the right product at the right time,"; said CEO Thomas H. Günther.

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