Corporate News from 11.04.2019

Improved earnings expected despite a decline in sales // Forecast for the end of the fiscal year 2018/2019 (May 31, 2019)

CeoTronics AG had set itself the goal of slightly increasing consolidated revenues year-onyear and improving its earnings or achieving positive earnings before taxes.

A decline in sales of 21.2% was recorded at the end of the first half of the financial year, which was to be expected given the reasons for the nearly four-month short-time working period at the time. According to the current forecast, consolidated sales for the 2018/19 fiscal year are expected to amount to approximately € 16.8 million (approximately -4.8% compared with the previous year). CeoTronics would thus be able to reduce the 21.2% decline in revenues at the end of the first half of the fiscal year by 16.4 percentage points by the end of the fiscal year.

Unfortunately, the tense situation on the component procurement market intensified. Some suppliers and certification bodies are operating at full capacity. This meant that many orders were delayed in processing.

As announced, according to the latest forecast consolidated earnings before taxes could also be positive and should thus improve by approximately € 215 thousand compared with the previous year. Extraordinary changes in the valuation of inventories and significant exchange rate fluctuations as of the balance sheet date have not been taken into account and also cannot be predicted at this early point in time.

Currently, the group’s order backlog amounts to approximately € 21.9 million (+236% year-onyear) and is well above CeoTronics’ average annual revenues.

“The new product developments CT-DECT JetCom System, CT-MultiPTT 3C and 1C, CT-DECT Multi and CT-ComLink® headsets were successfully launched. These products are currently in the customer-specific series implementation phase and partly in certification processes and/or going through the substitution process with the predecessor products. We expect additional - also larger - tenders and orders for these new products,” CEO and spokesman of the board Thomas H. Günther stated.

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