Corporate News from 22.11.2018

Military decides in favor of CeoTronics radio systems // Allocation volume approx. € 1. 0 million

One of CeoTronics AG's project partners successfully participated in a WTO tender and was awarded the contract to supply CT-DECT Multi digital full-duplex radio systems for military use in a European country, among other things. The lots will be delivered and calculated in the 2019/2020 financial year.

The new „CT-DECT Multi"; communication system features IP classification according to IP66 (strong water jets) and IP67 (submersion) as well as Bluetooth® technology for connecting to SmartDevices, which is integrated in addition to the DECT radio system. Audio quality, transmission stability and range have been significantly improved compared to the predecessor model with this new development.

The order backlog level and the order structure have changed very positively compared to previous years. The current order backlog is characterised by an extremely high € volume, a higher number of larger projects and, above all, by the fact that many of our customers have already placed their orders with us.
Orders are processed over a longer period in several delivery/calculation lots and/or with several performance milestones (partly incl. upstream development, certification/approval, etc. ). CeoTronics AG has used this order backlog, which is sustainable, so to speak, to achieve a longer-term basic capacity utilization and to lay the foundations for a positive business development that is as continuous as possible - at the latest as of financial year 2019/2020.

„We are delighted about this sales success and the appreciation we have received from our customers.
our new product development „CT-DECT Multi";. Our investments in research and development, whether in highly qualified engineers or technical laboratories, are paying off"; said CEO Thomas H. Günther.

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