CT-DECT Headset

CT-DECT systems provide their users with a broad range of options for short-range communication needs. All participants communicate wirelessly and in full-duplex, i.e. simultaneous talk and listen is possible at all times. In the standard configuration, up to 5 people can communicate with one another; with an optionally available CT-DECT Case 8, the network can be expanded up to 8 people.

The digital radio integrated into the earmuff cup of the CT-DECT headset provides wireless transmission of voice recorded by a specialized noise-compensating microphone. Each headset is equipped with CT-ASR (Ambient Sound Reception). This technical feature significantly boosts work safety by enabling the wearer to hear warning signals or environmental sounds despite noise reduction. To avoid damage to hearing, environmental noise is reduced to a level of 85 dB (A) automatically.

In all cases, headsets are supplied with the necessary operating power by a rechargeable high-performance battery, also integrated into the ear protection muffs. Nor is transmission power a hazard to health, with average values in the region of just 10 mW.

CT-DECT Headset
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