Occupational health and safety for employees – safety for companies

If hearing loss has occurred and is diagnosed, it is usually irreparable. The cause is often sought and found in the working environment. That’s why the following applies as a basic principle for occupational health and safety: Prevention takes precedence over rehabilitation. Protect your employees with certified communication systems, which may be used as personal protection equipment, and protect your company from recourse claims.

Certified hearing protection
In-the-ear communication systems, such as the CT-ClipCom, have many advantages. For example, they can be worn with individual ear pieces, which are considered certified hearing protection to EN 352 after being tested for accuracy of fit.

360° service
CeoTronics offers a service package for all ClipCom products for this purpose that includes everything from taking an impression of the ear mold to the so-called tight fit testing.

Quickly on the safe side
The CT-EarGuard measuring system developed by CeoTronics makes it possible to check the accuracy of fit of individual ear pieces in the shortest amount of time so that ultimately they are also certified. The system is mobile and with its user-friendly interface allows for a simple and quick measurement of the sound insulation.

These are your advantages:
• Avoiding health damage
• No lost employees due to hearing damage
• Safety against recourse claims
• Precise measuring of the sound insulation of individual ear pieces (ear molds) through differential sound measurement
• Creation of measurement certificates for ear molds; standard-compliant with EN 352-2
• Documentation of all measurements, including the complete measurement data set
• Robust system for customer use (also in ambient noise)