CT-Software Service

Up-to-date with the CT-Software Service

Although many people know pairing and subscribing from daily life, the “all-round carefree package” is one of the most frequently ordered services from CeoTronics. Not every company deems it economical to employ specialists for this area and leaves it to the CT technology team. In this way, you remain in the dialog and can also develop and install user-oriented software packages.

Utilize expertise, save time
CeoTronics maintains the software for its customers and keeps it up-to-date on its own. We actively approach IT managers as soon as new software packages are developed and the products can be updated.

Standing still is moving backwards
CeoTronics’ professional communications systems are continually being enhanced and optimized. We recommend our CT software update service on a project basis so that you are always up to date too and have every opportunity to utilize your communications systems.

New software features or functional enhancements are usually transferred directly to the systems on site and put into operation together.