CT-VibrationSpeaker Headset

The CT-VibrationSpeaker Headset ist a headset that has been specially developed to offer highly effective communications both in quiet and loud environmental conditions.

The bone conduction principle utilized here converts the analog voice signal into vibrations that are transmitted to the hearing organs directly via the bones of the skull. The sound waves therefore travel directly to the inner ear without taking a "diversion" via the eardrum.

Users of the CT-VibrationSpeaker Headset can therefore enjoy full, unimpaired awareness of their environment while still hearing incoming radio communications. Reliable voice transmission is assured even in environments with hight levels of noise emission - such as where passive hearing protection is worn, for example.

Thanks to the combination of a microphone offering ultra-high sound quality and effective background noise suppression, crystal-clear voice transmission is assured.

Compatible with helmets
The CT-VibrationSpeaker Headset is fitted with a low-profile headband combined with a hood, which also means that it can be worn under helmets.

Noiseless extension: CT-WirelessPTT MIL
The wireless transmission key CT-Wireless PTT can be used to extend the range of keys offered and enable remote control of the CT-HR PTT. The unit produces no key noise and conforms to protection classes IP66 and IP67 as well as the military standard MIL-STD-810G. The unit can also be mounted on a Picatinny rail.

CT-VibrationSpeaker Headset
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