Radio software settings and fluctuating power supply affect the operation of audio accessories

When changes are made to the radio software, there is a risk of audio system malfunction. Please note that the operation of radio accessories may depend on the radio software version used and the software settings.

Caution is required with software updates and/or changes to the software settings. If you want to perform
software updates and/or changes to the software settings, you must check before use that the radio accessories still operate correctly following these changes by connecting to a radio.

In addition, it is possible that certain models of radios have pre-set non-negligible accessory interface supply voltage fluctuations (including deviations from/below the specifications in the technical data sheets). This may also result in the audio accessories not fully functioning.

In order to proactively address these potential problems, CeoTronics has developed software and hardwarebased approaches that balance out these supply fluctuations at the accessory interface in order to still provide a functioning system.

Please consult the information from the radio manufacturer and speak to your customer service representative if you have any further questions on this issue.