Corporate News from 02.09.2020

Key group figures for financial year 2019/2020

• Group turnover €24,496k (+ 44.8%)
• EBIT €2,503k (+ 311.7%)
• Group earnings before tax €2,261k (+ 440.9%)
• Group earnings after tax €1,635k (+ €1,953k)
• Order volume €22,464k (+ 120.6% on 5-year average)

Rödermark, 2 September 2020 - CeoTronics AG achieved a new record level in the reporting period from 1 June 2019 to 31 May 2020 (financial year 2019/2020) with group turnover of €24.5 million (previous year: €16.9 million). The turnover forecast of approx. €23.0 million was therefore clearly exceeded.

The consolidated order book as at 31 May 2020 amounted to €22.5 million. In view of the previous 5-year average of €10.2 million, the current order volume is at an very high level.

Group earnings before tax for financial year 2019/2020 amounts to €2,261k (previous year €418k), an improvement of 440.9%. Group earnings after tax increased compared to the previous year (€ -318k) by €1,953k to €1,635k.

Equity increased accordingly compared to the previous year (€10,350k) by €1,622k to €11,972k. The equity ratio is now 49.5% (previous year: 49.2%).

“The still very high order volume and the major projects currently under way justify our optimistic outlook for the financial years ahead. Indeed, we must set course for the future when times are good. Over the coming months, CeoTronic will also prioritise adequately boosting the group’s resilience to possible financial and economic crises, trade wars, disruptions on the procurement market and the effects of pandemics, and at the same time will continue its approach of consistently and continuously upgrading the product portfolio, as well as concentrating on products and services with excellent unique selling propositions. Preference will be given to serving those customers and markets with the highest demands on the communication technology and performance of a company. In addition, CeoTronics will flexibly expand its production capacities. In the priority markets, CeoTronics will not only defend but also plans to expand its position at the top of the quality/performance pyramid,” said CEO Thomas H. Günther.

About CeoTronics

CeoTronics AG has established itself as a leading system provider of mobile digital wireless networks and devices for local mobile applications and of high-quality communication headsets and systems for professional use in the premium segment. With first-class consulting competence, customer closeness, best product quality in terms of function and processing, the use of the newest technologies and the flexibility to develop customer-specific system solutions, CeoTronics has positioned itself at the pinnacle of the quality and performance pyramid since it was founded in 1985. CeoTronics products are mainly used in Europe and North America in demanding/difficult operating conditions encountered by fire departments, regional and national police forces, the military, energy suppliers and power plant operators, airlines/airports, and by various other industrial sectors. For example, in noisy environments, when wearing breathing apparatus, helmets or protective clothing, or when both hands need to remain free to do the work in question. The core competence of CeoTronics AG also includes concealed audio and video systems.

CeoTronics AG Audio Video Data Communication (ISIN: DE0005407407) is listed on the Basic Board of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and also traded on Xetra.

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