Corporate News from 31.01.2022

Report on the first half of financial year 2021/2022 (1 June to 30 November)

Group turnover €15,168k (+6.6%) // EBIT €2,554k (+4.5%) // Gross cash flow €1,953k (+11.7%) // Consolidated profit €1,834k (+15.4%) // Order backlog €17,102k // Order intake €15,114k (+40.2%) // Positive outlook for the current financial year

In the reporting period from 1 June to 30 November 2021, CeoTronics AG recorded a group turnover of €15,168k (previous year: €14,224k). This exceeded the previous year’s record turnover by 6.6%.

The key earnings figures also reached record levels once again in the 2021/2022 financial halfyear. Consolidated EBIT increased to €2,554k (previous year: €2,443k), consolidated profit before tax to €2,460k (previous year: €2,330k) and consolidated profit after tax to €1,834k (previous year: €1,589k).

Another positive is the consolidated order backlog, which remains high and as at 30 November 2021 amounted to €17,102k (previous year: €19,017k). The decrease of only 10.1% in the order backlog compared to the same time last year is in line with expectations and is also due to the positive sales development.

The order intake increased in the first half of the current financial year 2021/2022 compared to the same period last year by 40.2% to €15,114k.

The gross cash flow in the first half of the 2021/2022 financial year amounted to €1,953k (previous year: €1,748k).

The group’s equity increased compared to 31/05/2021 by €878k from €14,262k to €15,140k. The equity ratio decreased by 5.7% points from 59.4% (as at 31/05/2021) to 53.7% as at 30 November 2021.

The number of employees in the group (incl. trainees) as at 30 November 2021 was 128, eleven fewer than the previous year. In terms of full-time equivalents (FTE), the figure was 123 (previous year: 134).

“In view of the results from the first six months of the financial year, the continued high order backlog and the resulting deliveries and invoices as well as options from the order forecast, we estimate that we will once again be able to achieve our goals of increasing turnover and profit compared to the previous year as at 31 May 2022. It is possible to achieve a group turnover of approximately €29 million (+9%) and a consolidated profit after tax of approximately €2.2 million.

Combined with a positive outlook going into a largely pandemic-free 2022/2023 financial year, fewer disruptions to supply chains and a strong economic recovery in our priority markets, CeoTronics would once again be in a position to pay dividends after the end of the current 2021/2022 financial year.” announced Thomas H. Günther, sole director and CEO.

CeoTronics AG Audio Video Data Communication (ISIN: DE0005407407), Adam-Opel-Straße 6, 63322 Rödermark, Germany, is listed on the Basic Board and has been licensed for Xetra trading again since October 2019.

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