Corporate News from 23.07.2018

Highest order volume for 10 years // temporary short-time work

CeoTronics AG will introduce short-time work for certain departments at the site in Rödermark for an expected maximum of three months starting August 1, 2018.

The order volume can be considered very high at present with €8.9 million and is 57.7% above the same point during the previous year. The tender award for the Madrid fire service reported on July 6, 2018, by Corporate News (approx. €1.4 million guaranteed purchase volume, total of max. €2.8 million) has already been recorded in the order volume. The additional optional volume amounting to approx. €1.4 million has not been taken into account.

However, a high proportion of orders on hand cannot be produced in the short term because upstream development activities have to be carried out, certain parts/components have long delivery times or the „extended workbenches“ (external production service providers) have longer delivery times for assemblies due to high capacity utilization and the vacation period. This shortage of orders that can be produced in the short term is expected to begin to disappear in October 2018 and it should be possible to fully exploit the capacities of CeoTronics again at the latest at the start of the second half of the fiscal year 2018/19.

CeoTronics AG Audio Video Data Communication (The share: ISIN: DE0005407407) has been developing and producing innovative communication systems for demanding environmental conditions for over 33 years. Based in Rödermark, Germany (near to Darmstadt and Frankfurt am Main), CeoTronics is a leading systems provider for mobile digital radio networks and terminal equipment, as well as high-quality communication headsets and systems for professional use.

Information and explanatory notes from the issuer on this Corporate News:

„Despite temporary short-time working, from today‘s perspective we continue to expect a positive business development for the current 2018/2019 financial year compared to 2017/2018,“ said Th. H. Günther, CEO.

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