CeoTronics receives €12.9 Million Order, the largest in the Company’s History

Record order backlog: €23.2 million

CeoTronics AG received an order from a European NATO member amounting to €12.9 million for the supply of communication systems. This order will be processed with staggered partial deliveries and calculations from December 2018 onwards. The last batch is to be supplied and calculated by 2022.

On September 7, 2018, CeoTronics AG reported its order volume (+70.7% for € 9.9 million), which was already very high at the time, amongst other aspects. The order volume currently amounts to €23.2 million (same period previous year: €6.0 million), which means the company has achieved the highest order volume in its history of more than 33 years.

Short-time working, which began in August 2018, will be reduced as planned, i.e. gradually, and will be completed at the Rödermark location in November 2018.

“This largest single order so far for CeoTronics serves as impressive confirmation for our forecasts based on the order books, order forecasts, and major project overviews etc. in regard to market/sales potential for CeoTronics AG,” declared CEO Thomas H. Günther.

CeoTronics AG, Audio Video Data Communication (ISIN: DE0005407407) is listed in the Basic Board of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.