CT-NEWS 55, 2020

Our main topics report on …
• A successful product family: CT-MultiPTT 1C, CT-MultiPTT 3C, CT-DECT Multi
• Second place at GRIMPTM NA for Team „Special Rescue Association“

Further exciting contents are:
• CeoTronics AG is constructing a new energy-efficient building in Rödermark
• Above the roofs of Darmstadt: The CeoTronics sales teams complete rescue at height training
• Milipol Paris - The leading international event for internal security and protection
• PMRExpo - The leading European trade fair for secure communication
• GPEC - International Trade Fair & Conferences for Internal Security
• Obsolescence management and long-term availability despite discontinued parts
• New technical sales representative/sales consultant for Germany North/East
• Growth in the product management team
• Examples of the successful marketing of the new product family