Groundbreaking ceremony for energy-efficient new building

Multifunctional and sustainable: the new CeoTronics building in Rödermark respects the environment and helps to expand.
Where previously was a company car park, now it is being constructed a full basement, two-storey, climate-friendly building. The symbolic groundbreaking ceremony on the property at Adam-Opel-Strasse 7 was attended by business developer Till Andrießen, CeoTronics-CEO Thomas H. Günther, Mayor Jörg Rotter, Company founder and Supervisory Board member Hans-Dieter Günther and Project Manager Peter Herdt (from left).
The reason for the new building: the capacities at the company's headquarters are no longer sufficient to enable further expansion in the areas of research & development, technical support, operations and product management from the 2021/22 financial year.
Modern offices as well as a multifunctional seminar, social and break room will be created on approximately 600 square metres of floor space - some of the previously sealed areas will be renaturalised. An absolute benefit - in terms of ecology and in terms of promoting social interaction between the employees. The new facilities should be available by the end of 2020.
The managing director of the building consultancy Herdt Consult, Peter Herdt, directs and organises the construction project for which the building permission has already been approved.