CT-NEWS 50, 2017

Our main topics report on …
• Modern camera technology monitors harvesting

Further exciting contents are:
• CT-NEWS: 50 x from 1985 to 2017
• CT-ComLink - A clever connection
• CT-Mult iPTT 3C - Three communication networks incl. Bluetooth® technology
• CT-DECT Multi - Mobile. Digital. With Display
• „Communication is one of the most important factors for success in my job!”
• DEMATIC realisiert Lager für Gefahrengut aller Art
• CeoTronics company presentation for the Hessian Minister of the Interior and the Vice President of the Hessian Parliament
• EnforceTac 2017: International trade fair for police and special equipment
• AFCEA 2017: The user forum for telecommunications, computers, electronics and automation