Respect! No space for racism

"Respect! No space for racism" is an initiative founded in 2006 to prevent racism, discrimination and intolerance.

We commit ourselves to the goals of this initiative and call for tolerance, recognition and estimation towards your fellow human beings! Respectful behaviour towards third parties, regardless of nationality, culture, religion, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation or age, has always been part of our corporate culture.

Unfortunately, the media are increasingly reporting conflicts due to religious claims to absoluteness, discrimination as well as attacks and disrespectful behaviour towards police and rescue services. The supreme value principles as the core of democracy are increasingly disregarded. We find this unacceptable and appeal for a respectful and peaceful coexistence.

CeoTronics has taken its social and corporate responsibility seriously for many years. In cooperation with the Entrepreneurs' Forum Rödermark, we support social institutions, support associations, schools, day care centers, the voluntary fire brigades of Rödermark and are committed to the development of the local economy and business locations.

Further information on the initiative "Respekt! No space for racism" initiative and the campaign "Strong for you. Strong for Germany" can be found under the following links:

Offenbach-Post   Friday, 25th September 2020