Corporate News from 06.07.2018

CeoTronics wins major tender for approx. € 1. 4 million (max. up to approx. € 2. 8 million) for the fire brigade Madrid

CeoTronics S. L. has issued an invitation to tender for the Madrid fire department for a guaranteed total volume of approx. € 1. 4 million. The allocation was made for CT-ContactCom´s (original skullcap microphones from CeoTronics) and CT-HD PTT´s (radio control buttons), among others. The contract (term 4 years) also provides for an additional optional purchase volume of approximately € 1. 4 million. The individual lot sizes and acceptance dates have not yet been determined.

"Experience has shown that the Madrid fire brigade can also be expected to increase the total volume of approximately € 2. 8 million. Traditionally, however, we only include the secure order volume in our order backlog"; said Mr. Thomas H. Günther, member of the Management Board of CeoTronics AG, with.

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